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After college, I discovered that a limited number of corporate employers were actively recruiting English Lit grads. Okay, I  discovered that none of them were. So I got a summer job working as a waitress in Atlantic City (home of the diving horse!). One night, I spilled coffee on an elegantly dressed woman. Understandably, the customer was upset, literally hot under the collar. “You’ll pay for this!” she yelled, standing and walking out of the restaurant without finishing her meal. And without leaving a tip. 

I decided two things that summer: First, I was a lousy waitress. And second, I wanted to write. I might not get rich, but at least, I wouldn’t have to pay other people’s dry cleaning bills.

Since then, I've been a copywriter, an advertising director, a wanabee actress, and even had my own sculpture studio. But mostly? I've written novels, short stories, and nonfiction. I'm the author of over fifteen books for children, teenagers, and adults. I have received two New Jersey Writing Fellowships and the New Jersey Author's Award. My books have earned Children's Book Council/IRA Choices and YA Book of the Year nominations. I have lectured at schools, colleges and universities across the US, served as John Grisham Visiting Author at the University of Mississippi, Writer in Residence at the University of New Mexico,  and am currently on the MFA faculty of the innovative Vermont College of Fine Arts. 

Now, in addition to writing and teaching in academic settings, I help facilitate  what my three sisters and I call Play Shops all over the world. My creative parents (who are with us in spirit at every session) spawned a painter (my sister Helen), a musician (my sister Suzy) and a film animator (my sister Janie) in addition to yours truly. Now we pool our energy and enthusiasm for the artist in everyone by holding Sisters Four Creative Retreats around the globe: New England, Sweden, New Zealand, and who knows where we'll travel next— for an idea of the fun, watch this video!

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Want to make a movie of one of my books? (Seriously?!) I am represented by 

Ginger Knowlton of Curtis Brown Ltd. 


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